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12 Foods To Avoid For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I definitely have a hearty breakfast before I do anything.

-Mayer Hawthorne

Breakfast, as we all know, is the first meal of the day and should be a heavy one. But this is the meal which we neglect the most. We go to the local store or supermarkets and we buy all the easiest so-called “nutritious breakfast” options. But the things you are taking from the store, are they really healthy? What do you think?
We need wholesome food in the morning as we need to kick-start our whole system with energy. Sometimes we might feel that we are not hungry but that doesn’t mean you should skip your breakfast. Eating right food in your breakfast will help you to satisfy your hunger and control your blood sugar levels.
But eating ready-made food from supermarkets will not give you all the necessary nutrients it shows in its TV commercial or in its wrapper. A perfect breakfast should have the right amount of protein, fiber, fats and essential oils which can be acquired only from whole, unprocessed foods. Let’s break the common breakfast myths, and see which you think healthy are really healthy or not.
Packaged Cereals-
Cereals are processed products that contain gluten which is addictive for you. Most cereals are high in sugar content and carbohydrates which will increase your blood sugar level to spike and then suddenly drop, leading to mid-morning cravings. If you love your cereals and can’t live without them, then add berries and natural fruits in your cereals and then eat, and pick the cereal from the market based on nutrients contents, like organic grains with high-fiber contents. Try to avoid flavored cereals and opt for a simple one.

A great option against these cereals is oats. You can try out oats in various ways. Just soak them overnight to make overnight oats or prepare them in the morning with hot milk, or try grinding it to make oat milk. All these are really healthy for your system.
Protein Bars-
These bars say that they give you a great amount of protein for the whole day, but in most cases, they lag behind. They are also filled with loads of sugar and chemicals. Those Granola bars might appear tempting, but they are not good for your health. Their ingredients lists contain high sugar, corn syrup or added colors which are not at all good for breakfast.

In it’s place you can make your own protein bar at home with toasted oats, dry fruits, and jaggery! You can easily store them in your refrigerator for few days.
Ready Made Sandwiches-
Sandwiches in eateries might feel tempting, as they are packed with colorful vegetables, mayo, and sauce. Nutrients wise you must think they are packed with all the essential nutrients, like fiber, fat, carbs, but often the quality of vegetables used are not good, the meat used is generally processed and are really greasy. The bread in most cases are white, and preservatives are also added to store it for a long time.
If you want to have sandwiches or burger, then try brown bread, or multi-grain whole wheat bread, add some low-fat butter and your favorite vegetables and then eat it. You can see our Healthy Burger Recipe.

Pastries and Doughnuts-
They come full of refined sugar, carbs, and fat. So this is a breakfast option you must avoid. You can treat yourself in the weekend as a post-breakfast snack, but not regularly.

You can prepare pastries easily in your home for yourself and for your loved ones. Try out your baking skills on weekends and amaze everyone.

Toast with Butter.
Most of us like our toasts with a wholesome amount of butter and some sugar above it. But mostly you feel hungry after eating such a breakfast. You can eat it along with some healthy options such as boiled vegetables or an omelet.

You can easily substitute your white bread with whole grain bread, full-fat butter with low-fat butter or peanut butter(if unavoidable), and a small sprinkle of honey for the sweet lovers.

Flavoured Oatmeal-
Flavoured oatmeals might feel appetizing. Each packet comes with a lot of artificial sugar, preservatives, processed vegetables and taste enhancers, which sometimes contains artificial colors. So it is better to avoid them, and you can buy rolled or steel oats and can prepare dishes of your own.

Bacon and Sausages-
These fall underprocessed meat category. Now studies are claiming that processed meat are “carcinogenic to humans”, mostly causing colorectal cancer. You may avoid sugar and think these as a sugar-free tempting option, but if your packet label says that it contains nitrates, then just avoid it.

Try unprocessed meat, you can have boiled chicken with vegetables if you want all the necessary healthy fats and nutrients from chicken, or can make a quick healthy soup with vegetables and chicken.
Smoothies from Store-
Smoothies of vibrant colors might grab your attention, and you can think them as a healthy breakfast option. But those smoothies contain a lot of sugar and added preservatives.

You can make your own smoothie at home with an ease. Try adding honey in place of sugar, take berries, local fruits and vegetables and then Shake it to Make it.
Sweetened, Flavored Yogurt
The packaged yogurt might promise you low calorie. But mostly they come packed with artificial sweeteners and chemicals. The flavored yogurts are packed with lots of sugar and are not healthy. For sweetness add honey, fruits or maple syrup. Normal Greek yogurt will provide you with necessary protein, probiotics, calcium, Vitamin B-12 and will keep your tummy full for a longer time.

Fruit Juice-
To all the dieters, this is the best option. Just sip a Glass of Juice and you are ready to Go!! But attention, the way you think it doesn’t always happen that way. Beware of packed juices available in store shelves, as most of them are packed with sweetener and the actual fruit juice content is really very less. The high sugar content takes you closer to Type-2 Diabetes, obesity and other harmful diseases. Moreover, juice is not a wholesome food, it doesn’t contain protein, fibers, and essential nutrients.

Be more innovative with your fruit juice. Prepare them in your home, add some greens veggies, some orange, some carrot and give a mix. You will be amazed at its taste. But don’t drink it alone, have this with other breakfast items, like whole wheat bread, it will give you carbs also.
Uncooked Vegetables-
Uncooked vegetables, as the first thing in the morning, will put your stomach in a little bit uneasy situation. The amino acids will result in heartburn, stomach ache, results in the uneasy situation. Avoid vegetables having high acidic concentration, like tomatoes.

You might think a cup of coffee can give you an instant energy boost. Drinking coffee will not give you with all the necessary nutrients you need for the whole day. The caffeine in coffee will decrease your appetite for a short amount of time, but later you will indulge in those unhealthy snack bars in your workplace or college. You gain all those extra pounds.

If you want to have a cup of coffee, have your breakfast and then sip into a cup of coffee.

Skipping Breakfast is the most unhealthy thing you can do to your health. So take care of yourself, prepare a wholesome breakfast for you and your family. Don’t indulge in binge eating by skipping your breakfast, eat healthy snacks. Once in a while have a cheat day and eat all the dishes you like. Eat Well Stay Well.
Happy Eating, and Happy Reading!

Article – Subhajit Chowdhury

Edited by- Debolina Ghosh

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