June 27, 2022


Be Your First Love

Thank You for everything!

“My mother is a walking miracle.”  — LEONARDO DICAPRIO

Mother’s Day is just a day assigned to the calendar to acknowledge the immense pain and trouble you have been going through to make me smile. I will fall short of words to describe your contributions in my life while raising me from a child to a woman! From those sleepless nights to cooking my favorite dishes and taking care of me, you have always kept me before your own wishes. I owe my existence to you Mom. You have filled my heart with love and compassion which enables me to fight against all odds. Thank you for making my world beautiful and for believing in my capabilities.


Even today when I don’t get enough time to spend with you, thank you for understanding me and showering your selfless love and care for me. At times I get angry, thank you for tolerating my tantrums. You have never expected anything in return but have always showered immense love and care upon me. I will never have the capacity to thank you enough for all your contributions. But on this day, I will certainly do as much as I can and love you with all my heart.

Your blessings can do wonders for me. Your smile gives me peace and makes my efforts count. Thank you for forgiving me and embracing me even if I do anything wrong and scolding me if I do anything wrong. You have been my first teacher and my biggest support system! You make my world complete and without your contributions, I would stand nowhere. All of these words fall short to thank you enough. Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mothers in the world who sacrifice their happiness for their children. You all make us better human beings through your love and affection. To all the Mothers in the world, a big thank you for making the world beautiful each and every day, from ourglamsoul team.


Article by a loving daughter – Debolina Ghosh 🙂

Drawing- Subhajit Chowdhury

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