June 27, 2022


Be Your First Love

The Decade’s Last Sunday!

So, today is the last Sunday of this decade. I don’t know how to react, but it just takes me back to the first Day of 2010, a flashback of innumerous memories. The journey of a 14 year old kid to a 24 year old, it’s been hell of a ride. I can recall myself solving sums in a Sunday morn with friends around, this moved to studying literature with a new bunch of amazing peeps, the Sunday being constant. One thing that hasn’t changed though is my mom nagging me to take shower on time, just like the first Sunday of this decade before I jump on to the lunch.
This decade was probably the most happening decade for any millennial like me. Doesn’t it seem just yesterday you were in Class 9 preparing for your upcoming boards and today life is just hell lot different. Don’t you feel that growing up sucks?
You don’t see familiar faces around you, the vibe is totally different, filled with different age group of people and whole lot of formal conversations.
Were you ready for all of this? Suddenly you were abound with so much more than you ever expected or imagined.
This was the only decade that hurriedly trespassed through our teenage years and threw us out in the world without any alarm, the snooze button is non-existent here. From sending first texts, to those missed calls, and then forming whatsapp groups and hiding your last scene, we grew up. From middle school, to high school, to college days and then through a mix of innocent smiles and anxiously worrying University days, life changed a lot. Some of us fell in love, some fell out of love, all of us wanted to grow up fast only to realise that it’s not that fun.
But beyond all of these things, this decade taught us to stand on our feet, from carrying school bags to carrying office bags we matured. Our unadulterated smiles turned a bit cautious, some friendship became everlasting some withered away. We don’t get to talk like we used to, all bounded by time, but whenever you pass by an old friend a piece of your childhood reminiscence awakens that child.
Just as this decade is about to end, lot of things are going to change, probably much more than we can comprehend now. But all I want is to get the same spontaneity out of life.
All I want to say to my 14 year old self is, thank you for not being too apprehensive about the days that awaited, for always smiling and laughing out loud, for loving yourself and picking yourself up in the toughest of the times, for not being worried about how you look or what others define beauty as. Thank you for loving yourself and waiting patiently for your true love to find you back. ♥️
And yes a big thank you to my family, friends and acquaintances for being a part of this rollercoaster ride.
Love Mercy Pity and Peace 💫

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